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Public interest defense – an appeal to the Prosecutor’s Office

ProkuratūraOn 6th of June, 2013 to the Vilnius Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Public Interest Defence Department a request for a public interest defence have been delivered. The letter requested that the situation in Vilnius trolleybus system of possible deliberate neglect of infrastructure would be inspected. These actions, as it is said in the letter, are being made in order to artificially reduce its value and thereby intentionally disrupt this system. Well-known facts were listed also, for example public dissemination of misleading information in order to influence public opinion, which is conducive to the destruction of trolleybus system. The basic information was given, which emphasized the fact that a very costly system of trams is going to be introduced instead of fulll modernizing of existing bus and trolleybus system which would cost much less.

Because, in the opinion of applicants, the Vilnius city municipality as well as institutions and companies which are owned by it, are performing such acts consciously, there was also a request to conduct a thorough investigation, request the necessary documents and evidence, and in case irregularities are detected, take action in the defense of public interest.

Below is the complete text of the request (in Lithuanian):

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On 11th of June, 2013, Vilnius Regional Chief Prosecutor Ramutis Jancevicius signed a letter which informed that the request is forwarded to the consideration of the Public Procurement Office, and the Control and audit department of Vilnius City Municipality.

Atsisiųsti / Скачать/ Download (PDF, 2.69MB)

Comment from troleibusas.lt:

Hopefully that the Control and audit department of Vilnius City Municipality will investigate the situation impartially and objectively, despitethe fact it is directly subordinate to the Vilnius city municipality…