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Letter from the Government Representavive

As it was already mentioned, on the 13th of May, 2013 there was a meeting of Vilnius City Council Petitions Commission, where a petition (which was handed 2013-04-26) on Vilnius public transport optimization was discussed. As far as it is known today, in the nearest future a special working group of the city’s management representatives’ will be created, and they will continue to work on the petition. The latest news and decisions will be published here as soon as possible.

These days a letter was received from the Government Representative in Vilnius county, signed by dr. Audrius Skaistys. This letter is published below.

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2013-05-19: events of the week

This week was full of events – but, perhaps, this should be expected, as of July 1st is coming, moreover, approaching the day when there will be the tram line tender procedure started, the municipality is increasingly starting to spread the news about the “necessity” of tram.

Let’s have a brief overview of what happened this week.

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