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Welcome to the site dedicated to the fight for the preservation of Vilnius trolleybus system.

I decided to create this site as I want to unite people who are not indifferent to the current plans of the city’s Mayor and his team: destruction of the Vilnius trolleybus system is planned to begin already in 2013. We want to unite people who can’t agree when some officials are squandering, plundering and destroying property of the city – and this property belongs to all citizens! I want to unite people, who believe that change is possible, but there are different methods to do this … I want to unite people who want cleaner air in the city streets. I am a resident of Vilnius who uses public transport from childhood, trolleybuses in particular. Neither me, nor my family members are working (or have worked) in the trolleybus park, therefore I have no financial interest in this protest.

Anybody willing to share interesting and useful information and news are invited to join the site. I also invite to join public relations specialists, lawyers, photographers, representatives of various communities. Visitors of the site can ask questions about the trolleybuses (their characteristics, opportunities, benefits, etc.) – enthusiasts of public transport and professionals of trolleybuses will help to answer these questions .

Let’s participate and discuss openly! The rules are simple:

if you have questions about the trolleybus or activity of this movenent – tell these questions please;

 if you want to contribute to the movement (i.e. you can make translations; can make good photos / videos; can do video processing; you have ideas that we can use; you have a popular blog, and you want to write about us, or post a link to this blog; you want to use material from this site in your blog (website); you can influence the decisions of the Vilnius public transport, etc.) – please contact us.

Any help will be useful! All positive minded people are invited!

A note about commenting on the site. All comments are subject to approval prior to publishing. Angry, insulting etc. comments will be removed and their authors will be blocked.



One thought on “About us

  1. Jau panaikintas reikalavimas troleibuse sėdėti kas antroj vietoj, tai kodėl iki šiol visas troleibusų priekis užtvertas.Žmonės grūdasi, o visas priekis laisvas.???Ar taip visus metus važinėsit?

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