Why it’s important?

Some of the most popular questions and answers to them.

Why should I care? I do not use trolleybuses and public transport at all, I use my personal car only.

As you are driving yourself, perhaps you can imagine what would happen if changes in Vilnius public transport (deterioration of travel conditions, increase in prices for travel and so on) would result more private cars in the streets. Perhaps you can imagine “comfortability” of travel across the city in preparing works for the tram would start. Perhaps you understand what will happen if some streets (for example, Pylimo) would be available for the tram only.
Do you want it all? If not, then it is important for you, too.

Why we need trolleybuses, they are the obsolete heritage from only former Soviet republics, they are slow, bad in manoeuvrability, costly, they are being rejected in all over the world and a shift to other modes of transport, for example, electric bus is going on?

All of these claims are systematically unfold lies from Vilnius city municipality and scientists who had performed a biased “research”, which aims to discredit the trolleybus system to be able to “approve” the tram.

Pervasion: trolleybus system work in a number of Western cities in all over the world;

Speed: modern trolleybuses can go in the city at the same speed as the other means of public transport of same dimensions, regardless of the catenary;

Manoeuvrability: trolleybus manoeuvrability depends on their size – some cities use 12m trolleybus models which are being used in the narrow streets of old towns. In addition, the modern trolleybuses have the ability to overcome part of the tracks without overhead wires;

Price: basic trolleybus price is often higher than the price of buses having equivalent dimensions. Nevertheless trolleybus lifetime is much longer, its technical characteristics deterioration does not occur as soon as with the bus (which after a few years of operation begins to emit much more CO2 into the air). So if we look at the lifetime, trolleybus price is lower. In addition, you can add the fact that Vilnius has assembled “Amber-vilnis 12AC” trolleybus, and its price is around 720,000 litas (209,000 euro) – it is the same as gas buses which were purchased recently;

Electric buses: yes, there are pilot tests of electric buses conducted in urban areas where they do not have trolleybus systems. This is because it is perceived that the traditional bus with the internal combustion engine is a big source of pollution. Unfortunately, the current electric (or even hybrid) bus technology is far from perfect, they are expensive, their reliability declines especially in cold weather, etc.

What is the meaning of fighting – the government knows better / the government decides and does what they want?

One in a field is not a soldier, but they have to take into account an opinion of a group of people. We have to take into account, that there is a fight against a vision (and interests) of one man (when other people actively involved in the destruction of trolleybuses are only executors of his will).

If this movement is for saving and propagating the trolleybus, it is against the bus?

Not at all. We understand that a city in the size of Vilnius trolleybuses alone can’t do all public transport. However, in the old town, city centre and other places where there are a lot of people, trolleybuses should have more weight as environmentally-friendly vehicles.

One thought on “Why it’s important?

  1. Было бы большой глупостью избавляться от троллейбусов в Вильнюсе.
    Я больше это расцениваюкак коррупционную схему, где кто то заинтересован в распиле бюджета.
    Троллейбусы используются много где в западной европе , Например в Афинах (Греция) где очень интенсивный транспортный поток. При этом по маневренности
    троллейбус ни чем не хуже автобуса. Уровень его шума низок , при этом экология на высоте . Система в Вильнюсе рабочая и как это видно поддерживается на высоком техническом уровне (в Украине например в Черновцах все в десятки раз хуже и при этом никто от этого не отказывается).
    Прежде чем правительству что то уничтожать, пусть создаст что то новое и альтернативное и тогда уже можно бы было что то решать. Чтобы не получилось как с башней Гедиминаса. Бюджет пилить не мешки ворочать.
    P.S. Хорошее дело делаете , желаю Вам удачи и терпения в этом .

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