Our goals

At present, the main goal is to defend Vilnius trolleybus system from destruction.

After the danger will pass, our objectives will be to:

  •  carry out regular dissemination of information about the trolley, providing the correct information about the situation of trolleybus in the world, possibilities and prospects;
  •  participate in the preparation of promotional trolley movements in the society;
  •  achieve the renewal of Vilnius trolleybus system (including vehicles, catenaries);
  •  rehabilitate the trolley assembly in Vilnius at the First trolley depot;
  •  achieve real scheduling of routes that takes into account the real possibilities to overcome each station and the traffic conditions in the city;
  •  after a modernization of trolleys and catenaries, to seek to exploit the possibilities of new vehicles and to ride the most complicated sections of the city in autonomous mileage;
  •  bring together the company’s image to raise a collective enterprise

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