Fan ride on the oldest trolleybus in Vilnius

Škoda 9 Tr (1387)

Some of you might still remember daily rides with trolleybuses of this model – while our younger readers have only seen the pictures of such trolleybuses. And each of us had different experiences while travelling with these trolleybuses – someone has broken his shoes as shoe soles have melted (everyone wanted to get warm when it’s so cold outside, and shoes were too close to the heater…), someone’s foot was stranded in the doorway of overfilled trolleybus… Despite all these problems, many of people who have travelled with these trolleybus start smiling when they see this little trolleybus. Maybe someone even thinks, “oh I want too ride this trolleybus at least one more time…”.

On the occasion of the first birthday of The Movement “Trolleybuses in Vilnius”, as well as on the occasions of International Children’s Day and Father’s Day, on Sunday, 1st of June, 2014, 2 p.m. – 5 p.m., you are invited to participate in the unique fan ride on the sole remaining Škoda 9Tr trolleybus!

During this trip you will have an opportunity to visit those routes of trolleybuses which still exist as well those which are already closed. There will be an opportunity to learn more about this trolleybus and other trolleybuses. You can try to answer the most questions during the quiz and win the title of trolleybus expert as well as some symbolic prizes 🙂

We want as many people to have an opportunity to participate here as possible, so pre-registration is introduced. Rides will be divided into 3 parts, duration of each part is 1 hour. You have an option to participate in either one, or two, or all three parts.

Pre-registration takes place in two available ways: a) you need to write a personal message in the facebook page of our movement, b) you need to write an email to this special e-mail address. When signing up please provide the following details:
1. name, surname
2. e-mail address
3. phone number
4. part (parts) of this event which you are planing to participate.

This data will not be disseminated anywhere and will not be revealed to any third party, it will be needed to contact you before this event. Please submit all required data while registering.

Please sign up only if you intend to actually participate in this event (not just because you like the idea or just because you like to sign up in all events). As there is a very limited number of places in the trolleybus, we would like to see here people who really want this experience.

Preliminary routes (because of some circumstances they might be slightly changed – if this happens info will be posted in this page and on facebook page, too):

Hour 1 (2 p.m. – 3 p.m.):

Klinikų (Street Antakalnio, towards the centre) – Žirmūnai – Kalvarijų st. – Stotis – Naugarduko žiedas

Expected additional short stops in these bus stops: Šaltinėlis, Stotis

Hour 2 (3 p.m. – 4 p.m.):

Naugarduko žiedas – Olandų žiedas – Laisvės pr. – Eigulių (Žemieji Paneriai)

Expected additional short stops in these bus stops: Europos aikštė, Lietuvos sąjūdžio kelias

Hour 3 (4 p.m. – 5 p.m.):

Eigulių (Žemieji Paneriai) – Titnago st. – Basanavičiaus g. – Klinikų st.

Expected additional short stops in these bus stops: Trakų, Karaliaus Mindaugo tiltas.

Several things you should know:

1. Please do not be late, and please be in the place at least 15 minutes before the intended departure time. There will be no possibility to wait for those who are late, and if we will manage to arrive earlier than expected – we hope to arrange some additional entertainment 😉

2. Photos and videos will be taken during this event and the collected material will be disseminated in public (on the website, facebook page, etc.), so we hope that you understand – there will not be so much privacy during this event. By the way we hope that you also will make a lot interesting photos and videos during this event and will share them with us 🙂

3. “Vilniečio kortelė” or any other official tickets will not be valid in this trolleybus. Whereas the price of rent is not very small, we hope that we will be able to cover these costs together.

4. If you have some questions about Vilnius trolleybuses, now you have one of the best opportunities to ask them. Please ask these questions in the comments, and we hope that these questions will be answered during the event.

5. Yes, you can invite your friends to this event, if you think that they would be interested about this! 🙂

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