1st of October: changes are here again


It is already common practice in Vilnius, that new month means new schedules of public transport, too. The website stops.lt is announcing changes in six trolleybus routes, let’s review briefly all of them (an overview will be of the schedules which are for working days, not weekends).

Route #2. Direction “Saulėtekis – Stotis”: morning schedules have no modifications, slight changes of daytime schedules, main corrections are in the evening (around 9 p.m. onwards). Direction “Stotis – Saulėtekis”: some routes are moved in 1 – 2 minutes.

Route #3: no changes in the schedules, route overcoming durations, although for some reason schedules are now split into working days and weekends.

Route #4: Direction “Antakalnis – Žemieji Paneriai”: one morning route is (5:59 from the stop “Antakalnio žiedas”), and some are moved to an earlier or later time by a minute or two, there are some more changes in the routes which are not important to the passengers as these trolleybuses are heading to the trolleybus depot. Also, some routes in the opposite direction are slightly (in a minute of two) moved. There are no changes in the duration of route overcoming.

Route #6: no changes at all in both directions.

Route #7: Direction “Pašilaičiai – Stotis”: more trolleybuses in the morning and evening peak hours. However, for example on 7-8 p.m. full route (not to the depot) there were 9 trolleybuses until now – but now only seven remain. Direction “Station – Pašilaičiai”: more trolleybuses in the morning and evening until 9 p.m.

Route #18: Direction “Pašilaičiai – Titnago g.”: more trolleybuses froom 6 a.m. till 8 a.m., direction “Titnago g.–Pašilaičiai” more trolleybuses from 7 a.m. till 9 a.m.

“Fast” dreams of Vilnius

It was already written about the “fast” dreams of Vilnius, so this time let’s go through the changes with the bus route 2G where schedules are being changed again. You can see these buses that have officially slowed down since August, are slowing down again (the following are examples of route overcoming time: you can see the schedules in both directions, more or less the same time of day, starting with the current schedule, and next to it – which will be valid from the 1st of October, 2013):

2G iki ir po 2013-10-01

Do not forget to check if schedules of your routes did not change!

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