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A Celebration in the company VVT in the background of auctions and pledges

AP-VT-VVT logoUAB „Vilniaus viešasis transportas“ 2014-11-14, penktadienį, paminėjo 3 metų sukaktį. Oficialus pranešimas apie šventę pateikiamas ebus.lt: „Vilniaus viešasis transportas“ paminėjo trečiąjį gimtadienį“ – na o mes, kaip įprasta, į viską pažvelgsime kiek kitaip. Skaityti toliau…

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Trolleybuses in Moscow – 80 years!

This post is intended to summarize the information published (and unpublished) on our Facebook page about the celebration of 80 years to trolleybuses in Moscow – to publish all information in one place, and to show how the holidays can be arranged, in addition we might learn something 🙂

80 years ago, on November 15, 1933, first trolleybuses went to the streets of Moscow. Here you can see the poster for this occasion, which tells the story of one of the first trolleybus models – ЯТБ-3. These double decker trolleybuses were working on Gorky Street. Only 10 units of them were made, their height – 4.7 meters, number of passengers – 72 seats and 28 standing places (it was possible to stand only on the first floor). This trolleybus had such technological innovations of those days as ventilation, electric heating, well-equipped interior and even the score board ‘no vacancy’ at the entrance. It’s weight -10.7 tons, maximum speed – 55 km / hour.

Historical footage – the first trolleybuses in Moscow November, 1933 :

Here you can see 24 photos of the Moscow trolleybus, which were made ​​from 1967 to 2013 year: visualrian.ru photo gallery

On this occasion, on November16, 2013 in the streets of Moscow there was a solemn parade of old and contemporary trolleybuses, which has been widely advertised in advance, a special track was published, as well as the place where you will be able to see all trolleybuses:

Šia proga 2013 m. lapkričio 16 d. Maskvos gatvėmis šia proga įvyko iškilmingas muziejinių ir šių dienų troleibusų paradas, apie kurį buvo plačiai iš anksto informuojama, skelbiama speciali trasa, nurodomos vietos, kur troleibusus bus galima apžiūrėti: Moscow trolleybus will celebrate it’s 80th anniversary

To celebrate the anniversary exhibition of ten posters was opened. Each poster tells a story about a different trolleybus: An exhibition of posters is opened in the Chistoprudny Boulevard about the history of trolleybuses

The first short video from the trolleybus parade in Moscow:

The second video from the trolleybus parade is more comprehensive: it has impressions from a journalist who is being carried in an old trolleybus, we can also see a crowd of journalists and curious people, also we can listen to the story from a museum worker and ex-driver of trolleybus (source of the video – Trolleybus parade in the center of the capital):

First photo report: Parade of the trolleybuses

Second photo report: Parade of the trolleybuses. 80 years to Moscow trolleybus

Euronews story with the video (in English): Old trolleybuses return to Moscow for 80th anniversary parade Skaityti toliau…

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European Trolleybus Day 2013

This year, for the fourth time in some European cities with trolleybus systems, the European Trolleybus Day is celebrated on the first  Saturday of Mobility Week. In year 2013 it is September 21th. On this occasion there are various events, competitions, passengers are acquainted with what is going on behind their eyes – they can find out how people work in the trolleybus depots, how trolleybuses work, what are their advantages, how trolleybuses are being repaired and so on.

This post will be regularly updated with the information to the  articles related to this holiday.

European Trolleybus Day 2013. Part 1 dalis – an annoucement (about the events in Kaunas)

Competitions to the citizens of Kaunas!

4th European Trolleybus Day (official annoucement from Austria)

The European Trolleybus Day. How it is going on? (information from trolley-project.eu)

Greetings to all people who work with trolleybuses on occasion of 4th European Trolleybus Day

An excursion to the First trolleybus depot in Vilnius

Photoreports from the 4th European Trolleybus Day events in Kaunas:

  • Part 1: volunteers welcome passengers and invite to participate in competitions
  • Part 2: children from kindergarden “Ciauskutis” are visiting the depot of AB “Autrolis”. The biggest attraction for the children was to sit behind the steering wheel of the trolleybus 🙂
  • Part 3: On September 13, 2013 pupils of Kaunas Jono Jablonskio gymnasium are visiting the depot of AB “Autrolis”.
  • Part 4: Paintings of trolleybuses from children who are attending Kaunas kindergartens “Ciauskutis” and “Rutele” (5-6 year old)