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Picket on 26th of June, 2013

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Birželio 26 d., trečiadienį, 12 val., Europos aikštėje

Gerbiami miestiečiai!

Artėja liepos 1-oji, kai prasidės A.Zuoko inicijuotas Vilniaus viešojo transporto sistemos keitimas. Į gatves nebeišvažiuos privatūs mikroautobusai, bus pradėtas troleibusų naikinimas, stipriai keičiama autobusų sistema, teks važiuoti su persėdimais, todėl didės kelionės kaina.

Visi puikiai suprantame, kad Vilniaus valdžia turi rimtą priežastį taip elgtis. Toji priežastis – pinigai. Švarūs ir ekologiški troleibusai kainuoja kur kas pigiau nei tramvajus. pvz. visus esamus troleibusus važinėjančius 22-se maršrutuose pakeisti naujais lietuviškais (Amber) tereikėtų apie 200 mln. litų per kelerius metus, tuo tarpu viena tramvajaus linija kainuotų trigubai daugiau, neskaitant pačių tramvajų, kurių vieno kaina – nuo 7 mln. litų. Bet galite įsivaizduoti, kokio dydžio asmeninė nauda galima valdininkams, stumiantiems brangų ir abejotiną tramvajaus projektą.

Kol lauksime brangaus tramvajaus, „reformatoriai“ sunaikins elektrinį troleibusą ir siūlys mums važinėti senais dyzeliniais autobusais, kurie stos ne visose stotelėse ir važinės daug rečiau nei troleibusai. Praskolintame mieste tokia avantiūra neišvengiamai baigsis nauju bilietų branginimu, nors ūkiškai tvarkantis su esama transporto sistema galima ne tik nedidinti, bet ir sumažinti važiavimo viešuoju transportu kainą.

Todėl tuo metu, kai Vilniaus m. savivaldybėje tikėtina bus svarstomas „reformų“ ATŠAUKIMO KLAUSIMAS, esate kviečiami į visuomenininkų rengiamą mitingą Europos aikštėje.

Mitingas vyks 2013 m. birželio 26 d., trečiadienį, 12-14 val. Europos aikštėje, Konstitucijos pr. 3
Nebūk abejingas – ateik ir pakviesk kitus!

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Public interest defense – an appeal to the Prosecutor’s Office

ProkuratūraOn 6th of June, 2013 to the Vilnius Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Public Interest Defence Department a request for a public interest defence have been delivered. The letter requested that the situation in Vilnius trolleybus system of possible deliberate neglect of infrastructure would be inspected. These actions, as it is said in the letter, are being made in order to artificially reduce its value and thereby intentionally disrupt this system. Well-known facts were listed also, for example public dissemination of misleading information in order to influence public opinion, which is conducive to the destruction of trolleybus system. The basic information was given, which emphasized the fact that a very costly system of trams is going to be introduced instead of fulll modernizing of existing bus and trolleybus system which would cost much less.

Because, in the opinion of applicants, the Vilnius city municipality as well as institutions and companies which are owned by it, are performing such acts consciously, there was also a request to conduct a thorough investigation, request the necessary documents and evidence, and in case irregularities are detected, take action in the defense of public interest.

Below is the complete text of the request (in Lithuanian):

Atsisiųsti / Скачать/ Download (PDF, 1.6MB)

On 11th of June, 2013, Vilnius Regional Chief Prosecutor Ramutis Jancevicius signed a letter which informed that the request is forwarded to the consideration of the Public Procurement Office, and the Control and audit department of Vilnius City Municipality.

Atsisiųsti / Скачать/ Download (PDF, 2.69MB)

Comment from troleibusas.lt:

Hopefully that the Control and audit department of Vilnius City Municipality will investigate the situation impartially and objectively, despitethe fact it is directly subordinate to the Vilnius city municipality…

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2013-06-12 Discussion in the radio station “Laisvoji banga”

Laisvoji banga

On 12th of June, 2013 in the talk show “Topic of the day” (show host Marius Eidukonis) of the radio station “Laisvoji banga” the was an air on the theme ‘What kind of transport residents of Vilnius will have in the future?” There were two guests in this show, the team leader of Vilnius municipal public transport optimization project Kastytis Lubys, and Marius Markevicius, who has represented public movement “Save trolleybuses in Vilnius”.

Recording of this talk show (in Lithuanian) can be downloaded (mp3, 46.6 MB)  from the radio website of radio station “Laisvoji banga”


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2013-06-06 Parliament and the city council members’ appeal

Today, on 6th of June, 2013, a group of members from the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania as well as the Vilnius City Council members appealed to the President Dalia Grybauskaite, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius, Chairman of Parliament Vydas Gedvilas, Vilnius Mayor Arturas Zuokas and the ruling coalition because of  the first phase of the reform of Vilnius city transport system, which is expected to start from the 1 of July, 2013.

The appeal stressed that after the proposed reorganization, the city will face additional huge stream of cars, and Vilnius transport infrastructure will be even more overloaded.

Also, this appeal is also mentions that:

„- it is not adequately prepared for the reform, possible scenarios of impact to the urban transport system are not modelled;

– the reform is not transparent and systematic, there is no political support from the City Council, despite this, there are attempts to implement it under administrative decisions, bypassing the democratic process of municipality;

 – the reform is not motivated by benefit to the residents of Vilnius and the common good reasons of the city, instead that it possibly serves to individual interest groups;

 – the implementation of reform will result inevitable chaos and very likely collapse of the transport system in the city;

 – planned beginning of this reform is at 1st of July, 2013. It is chosen very imprudently, without combining to the interests of the country, regardless the circumstances of the Lithuanian Chairmanship of the EU Council, perhaps with the intent to – or at least with inconsiderate and reckless actions threatening – to harm the Lithuanian Chairmanship and the image and reputation of the country.“

It is proposed to stop the process until the treat to the Lithuanian Chairmanship of the EU Council will disappear. It is also expected that the transport system reform concept will be prepared which will be systematic, transparent and will serve real interests of the residents of Vilnius.

Full text of the appeal (in Lithuanian) can be found here.

A comment by troleibusas.lt

The question is – is this justified appeal will force the ruling majority of the city to think on their actions and will stop the “reform”? If not – what should happen in order them to understand the damage done to the city with these actions?

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Letter from the Government Representavive

As it was already mentioned, on the 13th of May, 2013 there was a meeting of Vilnius City Council Petitions Commission, where a petition (which was handed 2013-04-26) on Vilnius public transport optimization was discussed. As far as it is known today, in the nearest future a special working group of the city’s management representatives’ will be created, and they will continue to work on the petition. The latest news and decisions will be published here as soon as possible.

These days a letter was received from the Government Representative in Vilnius county, signed by dr. Audrius Skaistys. This letter is published below.

Skaityti toliau…

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2013-05-19: events of the week

This week was full of events – but, perhaps, this should be expected, as of July 1st is coming, moreover, approaching the day when there will be the tram line tender procedure started, the municipality is increasingly starting to spread the news about the “necessity” of tram.

Let’s have a brief overview of what happened this week.

Skaityti toliau…

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“Fast” roadwork for fast transport

Today, on 14th of May, 2013, during the meeting of the Committee of Services and City services in the Vilnius municipality, a representative of the municipality Kastytis Lubys has expressed dissatisfaction that because of the need to move trolleybus overhead network, works of making the streets wider are going much slower and they are therefore they are much more costly.

We do not have financial estimates how much every stage of these works costs. However, in the photos below you can see an example about the progress of work at the station Minties in Zirmunu street. When the trolleybus network wires and posts were already in their new place a long time ago (the first photo was taken 2013-05-01), road workers within two weeks were only able to make nice asphalt cuts and fill that future piece of road with a broken stone… Oh yes they were also able to bring up a temporary house which is now completely “decorated” by our graffiti “masters”.

So, in this particular example – is the overhead wires (and other parts of trolleybus network) are main obstacles for such roadworks, or if you still want to find someone to blame – maybe you should look for someone guilty somewhere else?

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Where I’ve seen him?

Kur aš jį mačiau?

After the events of last few days when the members of Conservaties party have held conferences in the Parliament and Vilnius municipality in order to say “no” to the reorganisation of transport system, as well as yesterday’s picket, as well as yesterday’s municipal council meeting, Mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas has held  another press conference at a loaded table this morning. Skaityti toliau…

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08-05-2013 picket at municipality

Tuoj važiuosim!

On 8th of May, 2013 Vilnius City Municipality will try once again to approve a scheme of so-called integration of private carriers into the overall public transport system. However, objectively, this is a much broader issue – the approval of this project would mean also a of so support public transport reform which is planned to start on the 1st of July, 2013.  Also it would mean the agreement of gradual destroying of trolleybus system in Vilnius.

Therefore, on 8th of May 2013, 13:00, at the Vilnius City Municipality (Constitution Ave. 3) a picket will be held, which aims to draw attention of Vilnius city council members and the public’s  to the negative aspects of the changes taking place.

Skaityti toliau…