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Fan ride on the oldest trolleybus in Vilnius

Škoda 9 Tr (1387)

Some of you might still remember daily rides with trolleybuses of this model – while our younger readers have only seen the pictures of such trolleybuses. And each of us had different experiences while travelling with these trolleybuses – someone has broken his shoes as shoe soles have melted (everyone wanted to get warm when it’s so cold outside, and shoes were too close to the heater…), someone’s foot was stranded in the doorway of overfilled trolleybus… Despite all these problems, many of people who have travelled with these trolleybus start smiling when they see this little trolleybus. Maybe someone even thinks, “oh I want too ride this trolleybus at least one more time…”. Skaityti toliau…

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Our 1st birthday!


First of all, let me congratulate all of you – website and facebook page visitors – with our one-year birthday!

The first entry in the website appeared on April 25, 2013, and the first entry on the facebook page on May 10, 2013. Over this year, there were a few dozen articles posted in the website and a few hundred posts in the facebook page. It so happened that the website contains only the most important and most relevant information, particularly in relation to public transport in Vilnius while facebook page also contains the news about the trolleybuses around the world, related photos, videos and more.

Of course we are not posting all the information about all our actions or future plans. Some things may be boring and irrelevant to our readers. Some plans of our actions are not revealed on public as, sadly, we have not only friends but also enemies, who are trying  to pre-empt and disrupt our actions and initiatives. Skaityti toliau…