Trips for 365 days – 10 litas only


As SĮ “Susisiekimo paslaugos” is announcing in their website (this is also informed in the means of public transport for a few days already), since January 1, 2014 a new type of term ticket is being introduced: this is a ticket for 12 months (365 days), which costs 10 litas. This type of ticket is for a small group of public transport passengers: 1) persons aged 80 years and older, 2) the victims of 1939-1990 occupations – political prisoners and exiles of former ghettos, concentration or other types of forced labour camps. As Vilnius city municipality over the years fails to pay compensations to UAB „Vilniaus viešasis transportas“ for carrying the passengers with benefits, this new benefit will make even bigger impact on company financial situation. However, these passengers will save money, and also this will reduce their the hardships with the e-ticket platers of Vilnius public transport which are far from perfect.

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