European Trolleybus Day 2013

This year, for the fourth time in some European cities with trolleybus systems, the European Trolleybus Day is celebrated on the first  Saturday of Mobility Week. In year 2013 it is September 21th. On this occasion there are various events, competitions, passengers are acquainted with what is going on behind their eyes – they can find out how people work in the trolleybus depots, how trolleybuses work, what are their advantages, how trolleybuses are being repaired and so on.

This post will be regularly updated with the information to the  articles related to this holiday.

European Trolleybus Day 2013. Part 1 dalis – an annoucement (about the events in Kaunas)

Competitions to the citizens of Kaunas!

4th European Trolleybus Day (official annoucement from Austria)

The European Trolleybus Day. How it is going on? (information from

Greetings to all people who work with trolleybuses on occasion of 4th European Trolleybus Day

An excursion to the First trolleybus depot in Vilnius

Photoreports from the 4th European Trolleybus Day events in Kaunas:

  • Part 1: volunteers welcome passengers and invite to participate in competitions
  • Part 2: children from kindergarden “Ciauskutis” are visiting the depot of AB “Autrolis”. The biggest attraction for the children was to sit behind the steering wheel of the trolleybus 🙂
  • Part 3: On September 13, 2013 pupils of Kaunas Jono Jablonskio gymnasium are visiting the depot of AB “Autrolis”.
  • Part 4: Paintings of trolleybuses from children who are attending Kaunas kindergartens “Ciauskutis” and “Rutele” (5-6 year old)

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